Our Founder, Lyn

“If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will eventually find the time and effort to make it happen." 

This sentence is what ended our head designer's marketing career and ignited her passion to learn about woodworking, a challenging craft that she initially had no clue about. So, she took a short break and signed herself up to a woodworking school in Taiwan. Those were the best six months of her life. She immersed herself into the culture and discovered that she had a soft spot for old-new things - things that had faded away and were forgotten; only to be given a new lease of life. 

After her short stint, she came back to Singapore and became an apprentice at a local design studio that upcycle discarded pallet wood into furniture. Here, she learnt that numerous pieces of wood are discarded, forgotten, and wasted along the production line.

This inspired her to conceptualise affordable and sustainable accessories for modern women; building on the values of minimising waste and creating products that do not undercut and exploit workers.  

Each collection crafted showcases the feminine side of this ‘masculine’ material and aspire to bring a new perspective to this material. With visions for the line to grow, each upcoming collection brings bold new designs and materials, drawing inspiration from the unique makers and creatives in Singapore.

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