Studio MU / YU 木语 

Stories of Wood

Launched in September 2018, Studio MU / YU is an artisanal woodcraft brand encompassing slow-made jewellery, bags, and lifestyle products. Studio MU / YU is a romanisation of the Chinese characters ‘木语’, which translates to ‘the language of wood’.

Every handcrafted wood trinket tells a story, and no two pieces are the same. Studio MU / YU strives to showcase the elegant imperfections of wood. Through distinctive wooden grains, contrasting layers of light and dark rings, an oval knot here and there, and exquisite textures, the beauty of wood permeates time and speaks to us through subtle details.

By physical measures, the characteristics of wood are paradoxical. It is strong and firm, yet light and versatile. Lyn, our Head Designer, embodies the non-dualistic nature of wood. For Studio MU / YU signifies the grounded, sturdy core from where winsome, feminine inspirations spring forth.

Through intricate crafting, our slow-made pieces exude a timeless quality like no other. As we embark on new adventures in 2019, we look forward to indulging your senses in the natural and lasting beauty of wood!