Instructions | #STAYHOMU - For the Women


Craft Atelier - Peranakan Cross Stitch Pendant
Your kit contains the following:
Hoop frame x 2  -  Embroidery floss in 2 colours x 2  -  Embroidery fabric x2  -  Embroidery needles x 2  -  Gathering thread x 2  -  Felt x2  -  Cords x 2

  1.  Find the approximate centre of the fabric by pinching the fabric in half in twice.
  2. Start with the portions in blue using one of the 2 coloured floss. Split the 6 strand embroidery floss into 3-stand portions. Use the 3-strand floss to complete the cross stitch.
  3. After the cross stitch pattern is completed, you may wish to wash the fabric with a little soap and water to rinse out the starch as it would make the fabric softer and easier to work with for the next step.
  4. Use the black thread for gathering to stitch about 1cm away from the outlines of the pattern, using the centre wooden piece as guide. Place the wooden piece behind the cross stitch design and pull the thread to gather the fabric so that the wooden piece is wrapped by the fabric.
  5. Make sure the fabric is gathered tightly around the wooden piece, with the design centred. Make a few knots to make sure the gather holds. Trim thread.
  6. Cut the black felt to cover the back of the gathers. Sew the felt to the gathered fabric using blanket stitch.
  7. Insert the wrapped piece into the hoop frame.
  8. Attach the cords to the hoop frame. Fold the cords in half, insert the folded end into the hole at the top of the pendant. Pass the two cut ends through the loop. Tie the two ends to join the cord.
  9. Enjoy your necklace!


Studio MU YU - Wooden Jewelry Kiy
Your kit contains the following:
Jewelry Pliers x 2  -  Assorted Wooden Earring Pieces  -  Assorted Wooden Necklace Pieces  -  Tassels  -  Jewelry Findings (Hooks, Eye-Pins and T-Pins) -  Oil  -  Stain  -  Upcycled Cloth  -  Sandpaper


  1. Choose your pieces for your earrings. We recommend three wooden pieces per side with tassel hanging. For minimal look, go for one or two pieces.
  2. Lightly sand down the edges of the pieces - Just make sure they are not too sharp to the touch and lightly remove any blemishes found on the pieces.
  3. Decide which piece do you want to stain. After deciding, remove the cover of the stain carefully and use the white cloth to rub the stain onto the pieces. If you want to go for the natural look, just use the oil and rub it onto the other wooden pieces.
  4. If you want to have the tassel, use the eye-pins and hook through the ring of the tassel then loop the pieces together. If not, use the T-pin and repeat the same.
  5. Now, you want to create a hoop at the end of the pin using the twister plier. Holding the pin in between both twisters, turn the pliers 180 degrees down. Then use the other plier to close it tight.
  6. Once you have a hoop, you want to hook the earring hook through. One side down, one more to go!


  1. Choose your wooden pieces for your necklace.
  2. Same as the earrings, lightly sand them down with the sandpaper provided and make sure they are not sharp to touch.
  3. Choose to oil, stain or even paint for that funky look - Paint is not included. Acrylic paint is recommended for the wooden pieces!
  4. Wait to dry.
  5. Loop the pieces through the necklace thread provided
  6. Follow the instructions here to create a sliding / adjustable knot.