Our journey continues...

We recently moved out of our lovely studio at Kaki Bukit. It was a bittersweet moment for us... The space embodied two full years of our brand and it was built with the idea of us having both our workshop and production space in one. It was truly an amazing two years we had!


& we couldn't come this far without you! :) I want to give my biggest hug to all the friends and customers we have met throughout these three years of the brand. 

That said, we are working towards our own goal - to speak the language of wood for different people we met on this journey. Next year, we will be focusing on the content value of the brand and telling more stories through the eyes of our carpenters and fellow makers.

On a more personal craft note, we will be working on various projects such as our Flower Vases and other lifestyle products! Jewelry will take a step back for now as we explore another part of the craft that we have always neglect.

Thank you for sticking by as always! 

Love, Lyn