Yam Potong - One side only
Yam Potong - One side only

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Yam Potong - One side only

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masak-masak /mah-sahk, ˈmɑsɑk̚/ n.
A favourite children’s pastime of play-cooking.

is a reflection of the importance of "play" in our everyday lives, to take time to foster our imaginations and creativity. This August, as we grapple with what it means to be Singaporean amidst global uncertainty, we'd like to take a moment to celeberate Singapore through the nostalgic lens of childhood. From beloved HDB designs to our vibrant food culture, this is a sentimental homage to all the quintessential parts of Singapore that makes it home, truly.

Every single one is individual and unique — there is only one of each in the entire world.

Desserts | Red Bean, Yam, Durian & Coconut Potong
Dimensions | Total length 6cm; Potong length 2.7cm, 1.2cm width
Materials Used | Up-cycled wood & Resin
*Photos are for illustration purposes. Wood grain may vary based on the wood used.