The Art of Giving - Traffic Light
The Art of Giving - Traffic Light

Studio MU / YU

The Art of Giving - Traffic Light

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Art Piece: Traffic Light
Made by: Benjamin Lee Wai Hon (Mr)
Theme: Stay Fearless

Benjamin professes his love to be a policeman in his creation. He illustrates life in the form of a car, traffic light and traffic camera. Similar to his daily life where he needs to overcome and adapt to the new challenges that come his way, driving requires one to make multiple decisions and react to the various road conditions. The red, orange and green lights represent the decision-making process whereby one should stop, think and act before arriving to a conclusion while the traffic camera relates to capturing the different milestones achieved in life.

80% of the proceeds will go to the Down Syndrome Association. Only one art piece available. You have the option to make it into a Hanging Display or Table Display.