The Art of Giving - Perspective
The Art of Giving - Perspective

Studio MU / YU

The Art of Giving - Perspective

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Art Piece: Perspective
Made by: Chen Wanyi (Ms) & Jaspreet Sekhon (Ms)
Theme: Stay Inspired

As the saying goes, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, Jaspreet and Wanyi challenges the conventional standard of beauty in their art piece. Instead of the usual upright Christmas Tree seen on most art works, they have put together a tilted Christmas Tree.

The art work seeks to convey the message of not letting differences deter you from pursuing your dreams and expressing yourself. Wanyi had the privilege to perform at President Star Charity TV Show in 2017 while Jaspreet was one of the keynote presenters at the 2018 “Having a Say” Conference in Geelong, Australia.

80% of the proceeds will go to the Down Syndrome Association. Only one art piece available. You have the option to make it into a Hanging Display or Table Display.