The Art of Giving - Imagination
The Art of Giving - Imagination

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The Art of Giving - Imagination

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Art Piece: Imagination
Made by: Dylan Kwok Xu (Mr)
Theme: Stay Curious

Affectionately known as Mr Happy-go-lucky, Dylan is always seen with a smile throughout the day. Letting his imagination take the rein of this art piece, Dylan creates a meaningful piece to illustrate his understanding of “staying curious”.

Painted in yellow, “C” represents curiousity and the crescent moon that hangs brightly in the sky. The tree with five orange circles can be interpreted as a tree bearing fruits as well as a stalk of flower. Through this art work, Dylan hopes are for the community to look beyond a person’s disability and appreciate them for who they are.

80% of the proceeds will go to the Down Syndrome Association. Only one art piece available. You have the option to make it into a Hanging Display or Table Display.