Acqulior - Astraea
Acqulior - Astraea

Studio MU / YU

Acqulior - Astraea

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Our capsule collection with upcoming label Acqulior.


Astraea “Star Maiden” - Greek Goddess of Justice - squiggely earrings

The seemingly aberrant yet unique aesthetic of Astrea was like constellations that danced from side to side, with an almost impossible debonair and effulgence. The elegant combination of the curved, serpentine feature of Astrea along with the simplicity of its body, creates a flattering effect to the face. Astrea holds a magnificence that can be brought to both casual or formal events.


Available in Hooks or Clip-ons.
Each piece is handmade and no two designs are the same. All pieces made are upcycled from discarded wood materials from various carpentry and designer studios in Singapore.

8cm in length, 4cm width

Materials Used: Teak Wood (stained)
*Photos are for illustration purposes. Wood grain may vary based on the wood used.