Beam I - The Original
Beam I - The Original
Beam I - The Original
Beam I - The Original

Studio MU / YU

Beam I - The Original

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*On pre-order basis, expect at least 3 weeks of production needed.

Customization available. Pick from:
Wood | Natural or Stained
Beads | White, Blue, Green, Brown or Peach
Straps | Natural or Acrylic

Customized sizes are available. Email us to find out more!

Wooden sticks 100% hand-sanded. Comes with strap at the side - Straps are adjustable!

(Proven and tested to withstand at least one thunderstorm and three drizzles - yes, it’s true!)

19cm length; 15cm height; 9cm depth
Able to fit iPhone X, your travel wallet and other trinkets.

Each piece is handmade and no two designs are the same. All pieces made are upcycled from discarded wood materials from various carpentry and designer studios in Singapore.

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